Reggie Stewart - Pastor


Reggie Stewart

Welcome to J Bar C Cowboy Church! I am Pastor Reggie Stewart and I came to know the Lord in 2004. I had the privilege of coming to know the Lord the same time as my wife Teri. J-Bar-C has become a home for us and we hope for many more years of involvement in the ministry and growth of the church.


Associate Pastor

Buster Bramall

I felt the calling to come to J Bar C Cowboy Church to become the Associate Pastor to serve along Reggie Stewart. I was raised by hearing impaired parents which gave me a greater love for people in need. I feel very blessed to serve our church family.

Buster Bramall - Associate Pastor (1)


Forre Bitner - Elder_ Mounted Shooting (1)

Forre Bitner

Rodney Rickman - Lay Pastor_ Security Team Leader

Rodney Rickman

Clint Sparks - Lay Pastor

Clint Sparks

Lay Pastors

Mitch McClain - Lay Pastor

Mitch McLain

Heath MacDonald - Lay Pastor

Heath MacDonald

Jim Love - Lay Pastor

Jim Love

Steve Luliucci - Arena_ Cinched for Christ (1)

Steve Luliucci

Steve Stout-Lay Pastor

Steve Stout

Ric Ewing - Lay Pastor

Ric Ewing


Melvin Fowler

David Harrison = Music to Memory

David Harrison

Anthony Baker - Lay Pastor and Door Greeter

Anthony Baker


Teri Stewart - Ministry Coordinator

Teri Stewart

Ministry Coordinator
Raylee Rickman _ Children's Minister

Raylee Rickman

Chidren’s Minister
Nath and Amanda Weatherly - Youth Pastors for Whatever Youth Group

Nath and Amanda

Youth Pastors
Steve Luliucci - Arena_ Cinched for Christ

Steve Luliucci

Nick Hunt - Band Leader

Nick Hunt

Band Leader
Donna Stewart - Accountant

Donna Stewart

Rhonda Land - Financial Secretary

Rhonda Land

Financial Secretary