Reggie Stewart

Welcome to J Bar C Cowboy Church! I am Pastor Reggie Stewart and I came to know the Lord in 2004. I had the privilege of coming to know the Lord the same time as my wife Teri. J-Bar-C has become a home for us and we hope for many more years of involvement in the ministry and growth of the church.


Associate Pastor

Buster Bramall

I felt the calling to come to J Bar C Cowboy Church to become the Associate Pastor to serve along Reggie Stewart. I was raised by hearing impaired parents which gave me a greater love for people in need. I feel very blessed to serve our church family.

buster bramall
Rodney Rickman Associate Pastor

Associate Pastor

Rodney Rickman

I am proud to be serving Chirst through J Bar C Cowboy Church. I am here to serve our church family any time.


Forre Bitner Elder

Forre Bitner

Steve Stout

Steve Stout

Ron Twpley

Ron Townley

Lay Pastors

Kevin Cole

Kevin Cole

Danny Benham fishing club leader

Danny Benham

Mitch McClain

Mitch McLain

Dave Sloan

Dave Slone

Melvin Fowler Lay Pastor

Melvin Fowler

Thom Straley

Thom Straley

Nath lay pastor

Nath Weatherly



Teri Stewart

Ministry Coordinator
Raylee Johnson Children’s Minister

Raylee Johnson

Chidren’s Minister
John and Paula Weatherly Triple C leaders

Nath and Amanda Weatherly

Youth Pastors
Beth Watson Nursey Coordinator

Beth Watson

Nursery Coordinator
Wayne Blagg

Wayne Bragg

Arena Leader & Roping Ministry
Nick HUnt Band Leader

Nick Hunt

Band Leader